You will no longer need a separate employee to travel to your customers and collect money for the purchased goods. Applying for the C.O.D. service, you will have all of these tasks carried out by a courier.

No need for a delivery schedule that your customer would have to ensure adherence to. With Venipak, freight is delivered on an as-necessary basis: if a customer has placed an order today, the goods will be delivered tomorrow already. This is sure to yield an increase in your sales.

You will no longer need a dedicated logistics department or a driver to handle your deliveries. No more worries about sudden illness of your driver, vacations, vehicle maintenance, vehicle-related expenses, etc.

Once, assessing the cost of delivery to a specific customer could be an obstacle. Now, however, the Venipak online system enables you to analyse your logistic expenses by sections – by customers, cities, etc.

Large companies dispatching many consignments daily can integrate their accounting systems with our system.

You do not need to employ an expert who would travel to your customers and collect damaged goods. Any damaged goods can be delivered to you by courier.

No need for the customer’s signature on the bill to confirm the fact of delivery. The POD document issued by Venipak is sufficient to confirm delivery and payment.

Rest assured in case of any damage to your goods or valuables caused by a traffic accident, a natural disaster, theft or any other occurrence as well. Venipak consignment insurance will cover the damage you might incur.

Venipak has customers operating in just about every business branch. These customers have undertaken a commitment that their products must reach the customer or end-user as fast as on the next business day. Some companies dispatch goods to their branch offices, others – to trade outlets or end-users, i.e. natural persons.