The EU leaders have agreed to extend the deadline for the departure of Great Britain from the EU, but there is still a possibility that on 31 October Britain will leave the EU without a deal, thus significantly impeding trade with other countries.

How to prepare for Brexit?

In case of a no-deal exit, further trade with Britain will have to take place under the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules – the same requirements, as those for the goods from third countries, including customs clearance procedures and customs duties, will enter into force.

In a no deal scenario, an EORI registration and identification for economic operators will become mandatory. If up to now you have sent goods to Britain without the EORI number, we advise you to register for it on the website of the relevant authorities as quickly as possible, otherwise you risk to incur additional costs or delays. The State tax authorities will need this number in order to administer collection of customs duties for imported or exported goods.

If Britain leaves the EU without a deal, each consignment sent to the UK will have to be accompanied by a commercial invoice. In order to avoid delays, it is very important to prepare the invoice correctly. Venipak will not accept consignments to the UK without appropriate and correct accompanying documents.

About post-Brexit in brief     

The following documents will be required for exporting and sending goods to Britain:

  • An EORI number
  • An invoice enclosed with the goods
  • A customs brokerage agreement

The following documents will be required for importing and receiving goods from Britain:

  • An invoice from the sender
  • Questionnaire completed by the recipient (under a separate requirement from customs)

If you have any further questions related to sending or receiving consignments or goods to/from Great Britain after Brexit, please contact our consultants.