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Brexit impact to parcel delivery

Although the leaders of the European Union (EU) have agreed to delay Britain’s departure from the EU, it is still likely that Britain will leave the European Union with no deal, which will make trade with this country more difficult for everyone. The representatives of Venipak say that in the event of a hard Brexit,…


In 2018 Venipak recorded double-digit growth in the Baltic states

In 2018 the express parcel delivery company Venipak recorded two-digit growth on a group-wide basis. The number of parcels increased by 21 percent compared to 2017. In 2018 the turnover of the whole company was 28,5 million euros and it increased by 31 percent compared to 2017. The head of the company Justas Šablinskas says…


During Christmas the number of shipments increased by 69 %

Venipak announces that the number of shipments in the Baltic states increased by more than 50 % during the most intense holiday season. The percentage of shipments increased by 57 % in Lithuania, 45 % in Latvia and 69 % in Estonia. The head of the company Justas Šablinskas stated that a similar number of…